Life Connections Mental Health Counseling provides support, resources, and treatment for depression. Our licensed therapists work with you improve depression symptoms and achieve personal growth through skill building. Counseling is a critical part of depression treatment, and Life Connections offers the support and expertise you need to return to a happier life. 

Feeling Hopeless and helpless?

Depression and depression symptoms have many causes including biological, psychological, and social sources of distress. Your therapist works with you to get to the root of the problem and form a plan to help.  Let’s first get to know you and determine a plan of action. We’ll understand what you’re going through and work with your schedule and goals to provide help and support. We provide treatment for people experiencing sadness, helplessness, and major depressive disorder. Depression treatment can vary for everyone – our skilled therapists are trained in many types of mental health therapy and will provide you with the tools to grow.

Life Connections provides treatment and counseling for all types of people experiencing depression. We work with children, teenagers, adults, and elderly populations to achieve long-term personal growth and happiness. 


Life Connections therapists are experts in treating mental health issues including depression. When you are ready to get help, please reach out to one of our skilled therapists for an appointment. 

Insurance accepted for therapy 

Our therapists accept Medicaid/Title 19, Hawki, Midlands Choice, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum / United Healthcare / United Behavioral Health, EAP, and Private Pay options. Please call our office today if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or fees associated with our therapy programs.