Life Connections - School Based Therapy Programs 2020

Purpose of School-based Therapy Programs 


The primary goal of mental health embedment services is to reduce the non-academic barriers to learning. School and mental health systems working together can improve the quality of education and reduce the risk for long-term mental health barriers. Mental health providers will work through collaborative efforts with school counselors to ensure continuity of education and mental health services.


How can the school or district benefit? 

  • Families sometimes struggle to connect with resources outside of school either due to lack of knowledge of resources, lack of transportation, lack of time, or lack of funds. 
  • The school is then left to provide interventions often without needed education on mental health and/or knowledge of resources. 
  • Challenging for community providers to address factors in school. 
  • Challenging for educators to address factors outside of school. 


According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in 2017, 1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have or will have a serious mental health disorder. 37% of students with a mental health disorder at the age of 14 will drop out of school, the highest dropout rate of any disability group. 


Early intervention and treatment can help children and teens stay in school, stay out of trouble and lead healthier, happier lives. School districts across the state have been working to make evidence-based treatment available to students struggling with mental and behavioral challenges outside of the home. We begin by assessing the student’s needs and we can then develop an individualized treatment plan to help them reach their goals.


Collaborative involvement from teachers, staff, and parents gives students the best chance for success. Our programming supports teachers and school officials with training, coaching and mentoring, and provides parent outreach to connect families with resources in their community.



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