Life Connections works with families to improve communication, deal with crisis, manage stress of everyday life, and many other mental health challenges. Our group of skilled therapists work with your family individually and/or as a group to bring stability and joy back to your household. 


Is family counseling right for you?


All families face adversity and conflict, and choosing family counseling can be an important step forward in overcoming obstacles. If your family members struggle with everyday activities, tend to have extreme emotions, withdraw from family life, or express feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, then it may be time to seek help. Other signs that family therapy might be right for your household are changes in children’s’ behaviors at school, frequent breakdowns in communication, and substance abuse problems. Traumatic experiences may also cause coping issues that can have lasting impacts on families that can be aided with family therapy. Deciding to seek family therapy can be a difficult decision for your loved ones. Even with resiliency, sometimes families need resources and help beyond their control. Life Connections makes the process of improving family relationships as easy as possible. We offer your family some new tools to add to your communication toolbox. Learning new ways to communicate and express empathy toward one another can help your family work together to resolve problems before they escalate. 


Life Connections is your local Family Therapy Provider 


We serve clients across Iowa with 12 convenient counseling offices. Our licensed, experienced therapists are experts in family mental health issues and strengthening communication. When you are ready to get help, please reach out to one of our skilled therapists for an appointment. 

Insurance accepted for therapy 

Our therapists accept Medicaid/Title 19, Hawki, Midlands Choice, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum / United Healthcare / United Behavioral Health, EAP, and Private Pay options. Please call our office today if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or fees associated with our therapy programs.