BHIS Services in Iowa

Behavioral Health Intervention Services are offered by Life Connections for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues. Our provider works with your family to help create a supportive environment at home. We offer the tools, training, and support that address behavioral health of your children. 

A BHIS clinician will work with your family in the privacy of your own home to ensure comfort and to learn new skills in the environment that many issues occur. Your child will participate in a combination of skill building programs that can target specific behavioral struggles and help to improve your child’s skills and empower you to help them manage those behaviors effectively. Skills can be built in the areas of communication, coping with difficult emotions, managing anger, conflict resolution, and decision making, to name a few. 

Our BHIS professionals work with children in their own home to address behavior issues and improve communication, anger management, coping, and decision making through skill-building. 

BHIS Treatment services include:

  • Behavioral Therapy 
  • Conflict and crisis resolution
  • Problem-solving skill development
  • Interpersonal, social and communication skill development
  • Anger management
  • Behavior management
  • Relationship-building


Youth aged 18 and under are eligible for BHIS Services with Life Connections. In order to qualify, clients must have a mental health diagnosis and be involved with Mental Health Therapy Services. Medicaid (Title 19) is accepted for Behavioral Health Services, and there is no DHS or juvenile court system requirement in order to receive services. Private pay services are also available. 

Insurance accepted for BHIS Services 

Our providers accept Title 19 (Medicaid). Please call our office today if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or fees associated with our programs.